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The Facts behind the story

The Angel Chronicles
The Facts Behind the story

 Codename Angel The Angel Conspiracy and The Angel Prophecy are the first three books in an ongoing series of science fiction novels chronicling over seventy years of UFO encounters and government cover ups.

Set in a fictional world the story features both fictional and historical characters. Although most of the story line is set around a Cambridge Professor other players do interact with the main character including wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill.


Synopsis for Codename Angel

A mysterious Kidnapping!
A close encounter at an RAF base in the north of England.
Strange objects seen in the skies over Great Britain.
A mysterious stranger with the ability to see the future.
A tense standoff between American and Russian Warships in the North Sea

When Cambridge physicist Professor Ralph Frederick as called to the office of war time Prime Minister Winston Churchill he is given an unusual assignment.

Frederick is tasked with investigating UFO sightings up and down the United Kingdom and told to report back to a top secret group Codename, 'Angel'

Frederick is drawn into a clandestine world of CIA and KGB agents who are desperate to find out what the British Government know about UFOs.

Set in the 1950s Codename Angel is a blend of Cold war intrigue and a government conspiracy that has spand over half a century.

Main Characters.
Professor Ralph Frederick - Cambridge University scientific advisor to the Prime Minister.
Sir Malcolm Chambers - The War office
Air Marshall Ian Morgan - Director of Intelligence Air Ministry, head of the Royal Air Force
Professor Alan Good - Cambridge University
Professor Richard Wilks - Astronomer Royal, The Royal Observatory Greenwich
Sir Morris Stanford - British Intelligence head of MI6
Dr Arthur Lloyd - Oxford University former royal physician.
Sir Harold Bates- former scientific advisor to Lord Chamberlin
Lord Admiral Anthony Berkshire – First Sealord. The Royal Navy
Professor Norman Canning - Bletchley Park
 Research Background.

Although the books are fictional they do have their roots in historical events and documents which have surfaced over the years. It has long been established that the British government has run secret operations regarding UFOs. Former ministry of defence UFO researcher Nick Pope has often come forward and spoken about an on-going cover up on the part of the British government.

 Where it all started.

The idea for the Angel Chronicles was conceived from a memo that Winston Churchill wrote. On the 28th July 1952. In this memo Churchill stated:

'What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth? Let me have a report at your convenience.'
(The memo is available at the public records office in the UK)
The memo was written to Lord Cherwell who was one of Churchill’s trusted scientific advisors. Lord Cherwell name was Frederick Alexander Lindemann. The main Character in The Angel series is Ralph Frederick.

Churchill’s memo is believed to have been written shortly after a UFO event occurred in America known as the Washington UFO flap where a number of unidentified targets were picked up over Washington DC in the summer of 1952.

At the time the Americans were running an ongoing investigation into UFOs known as Project Blue Book. On the British side the Government was running a group known as the Flying Saucer Working party. Nothing was known about The Flying Saucer working Party until Dr David Clarke uncovered documents relating to the group while conducting research in the 90s. Since then the Ministry of Defence have released thousands of declassified documents relating to UFOs in the 20th Century including the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident of 1980.



 UFOs in the 1950s.
Many UFOs sightings occurred in the 1950s. The new Cold War raged between the USA and USSR. Both sides poured billions into developing more powerful atomic bombs. Because of the paranoia that was rife UFOs were very much in the public eye. President Harry Truman himself was known to have given a statement about UFOs.

Because so much secrecy surrounded the Soviet Union very little was known regarding any classified information regarding UFOs. Even today there is still very little information regarding UFOs in Russia.

Here's what a Belgium General had to say about the UFO phenomenon.

An Interview with Former head of the British Ministry of defence concerning UFOs

 The Royal Connection
In 1997 former Royal Equerry and former head of the Royal Air Force Sir Peter Horsley published a book titled Sounds from Another Room. In his book Horsley recounts his time as Royal Equerry to His Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Horsley claims that during the 1950s Prince Philip showed an interested in the UFO phenomenon and instructed Horsley to go out an investigate UFO sightings, write reports and submit them back to Buckingham Palace.

Horsley also goes on to claim that in November 1954 he encountered a character known as Mr Janus in Smith Street London. Horsley states that Janus appeared to have the remarkable ability to read his mind. They talked for a few hours about the topic of UFO and mankind’s place in the universe. Many UFO researchers have claimed that Mr Janus was an extraterrestrial who was studying humanity.

Another member of the Royal Household who had a vested interest in UFOs was Lord Luis Mountbatten. He mentioned them in an autobiography, stating that UFOs may have been from Saturn or Jupiter. It’s is the conclusion of this author that both Horsley and Mountbatten may have had contact with famous UFO contactee George Adamski who co-wrote a book with Sir Desmond Leslie who happened to be the second cousin of Winston Churchill.

 The Angel Committee and the Angel Conspiracy blends science fiction and cold war history and feeds off the popular culture which has sprung up around the UFO phenomenon over the last seventy years.

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